I am so thrilled and excited that you are here with me!   I will be regularly sharing information, tips, statistics and stories about homeownership and Real Estate in general to bring perspective to this process and to answer any questions you may have regarding your own situation.   Thank you for joining me!

Today I want to discuss our natural need to find a place to call home, which goes way back to before any of us even existed....

It is a need that is deeply rooted in all of us as we crave to have our own space with our own memories, our own belonging, our own uniqueness displayed in many forms and our own security that the place we come home to will be there for us and our families and sometimes, just ourselves and no one else!  Even before structures existed, caves were claimed as living spaces and were highly protected by their owners!

Home is a place where many of us unwind and relax from our hard days at work, or is a place where others are enjoying the beauty of retirement, or where new moms and dads begin teaching their children how to eat, walk, read and begin this journey of life!   Our streets become our daily familiar playground where we walk our dogs, take our kids to school, and engage with other neighbors in conversation.  Our neighborhoods buzz with activity as we do our shopping, banking and exercising and enjoy a cup of coffee at our favorite coffee house or a great meal at our local restaurant.  A group of many different personalities living close to each other creating a breathing, living community!    How cool is that..???!!!

This is why I love what I do! I get to see single individuals, families, partners, friends search for that special space that they can call their own and bring their own ideas, decorations, flavors and begin creating memories with those they love and cherish.  

A roof over our head is truly a natural and deep rooted need and the rewards of having our own space, bring so much more to our lives and the lives of those we have around us!    So as we all welcome 2023 with our "own roof" over our heads, it is my wish that you have a Fantastic Year filled with love, peace, joy and plenty of reasons to celebrate every day under that "roof".

Feel free to share any thoughts with me and again, thank YOU for being here today!!!


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